Blogmas 15 – The winter bug!

Of courseee I have a cold. In winter. Just in time for Christmas….

A few days ago I stayed over K’s house, and we both woke up the next morning with the most saw and painful throats. We went on through the day with a cough. And now 2 days later K has been throwing up and I have had a non stop runny nose and chesty cough.

I love a winter bug! Don’t you?

Fingers crossed both our colds fade in time for Christmas Day. We defo don’t want to be struggling and feeling low, when we should be wide awake and up for everything on the 25th.

I’m off to Peterborough with my Nan tomorrow to finish all of my Christmas shopping, and I’m planning on getting lots of photos for Thursdays blog! I don’t get to see my Nan too often, and this will be the first time that I’ve driven to her house all on my own. Good luck to me!

Only a weekish left till Christmas! I can’t believe how quick it’s come around 😊.

Look out for my next post!

L x

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