Blogmas 16 to 18 – Things didn’t go to plan…

The past few days I have literally been working, sleeping, working, sleeping… I’ve had so much to do but I’m finding it so hard to get the energy lately.

In my previous job I would have had the week off in October, which Is when I would do my Christmas shopping. I also would have been breaking up from work for Christmas this week, which is where I would have finalised all of my Christmas bits and bobs.

So my plans for this December have been a little tight and all squeezed in.

Wednesday was my last day off work until Christmas Day, so that means it was my last day to go shopping and buy everything that I had left to get for Christmas.

I wasn’t to faffed as to where I was going to shop, as long as there was a good range of shops to go into. My plan was to pick my Nan up and and then head to Peterborough. I have never shopped there before so it was just somewhere new…

Sadly when I got to my nan’s she wasn’t doing too great, so we decided to shop at the retail park near her house.

Things didn’t go to plan, but they actually worked out better! I got everything that I needed with some inspiration from my Nan, and now all that I have left to do is wrap everything!

The past couple of days have consisted of wrapping in every spare minute that I have had. I think that I’m pretty much done now! My room may be a Santa’s workshop right now, but that’s okay… Christmas is right around the corner, so I can start handing out the presents for people to put under their tree instead.

Are you ready for Christmas?

Im working the 6 days up to Christmas Day now, so time is going to go by so fast!

L x

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