Blogmas 24 – CHRISTMAS EVE!

And just like that… it’s Christmas Eve!

The past 6 days have been a blur to me. I had so many plans for my blogmas posts and what I had left to do… but working 6 days straight leading up to tonight has honestly knackered me.

I’m so drained I could cry and fall asleep in a second, but I could also scream with excitement that Christmas is TOMORROW!

You would have never thought the couple of days leading up to Christmas everyone would want their dog to be groomed! I couldn’t believe the amount of phone calls that we was getting, asking if we could “squeeze” their dog in for a pamper the night before Christmas.

It’s so shocking! It felt like the people that called up just think all we do is groom dogs, and have no life out side of work or family to go home to for Christmas celebrations.

Anywayssss when the clock hit 5 today, us girls cleaned up like there was no tomorrow and headed straight out the door ☺️.

When I got in some friends were over to drop of gifts, so we done a little present exchange. When they left I ran myself a very hot bath and almost fell asleep in it. And then finally gave my mum and dad their Christmas Eve box! THEY LOVED IT!

They also surprised me with an early gift – a SNOW GLOBE!!! This might sound bratty but I’ve been waiting for someone to buy me a Christmas snow globe for a few years… I’ve wanted to start a collection for so long. I just love them.

Isn’t it amazing! When you twist this thing on the bottom of it, it plays a Christmas tune! The snow is so fine as well, it’s perfect for my first ever one ☺️.

My plan is to have a snowglabe on every window seal of my house when I move out 😆. I was over the moon when I opened the bag ❤️.

My mum and I then set up a little dish for Santa – I’ll never be too old for that tradition we do!

Next I planned my outfit for tomorrow and got it ready for the morning.

And now I’m in bed writing to you 😊. I hope your Christmas Eve has ended up being very special and magical!

Merry Christmas everyone!

L x

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