The last day of 2019

It’s been a long year… It felt like it was going soooo fast, but then summer came and I changed my job and it felt like a year long till Christmas and not 3 months.

I hope you have all had an amazing 2019 and created loads of great memories.

I’ve done quite a few things this year that are at the top of my favourites list for 2019.

  1. Changed my job. Not to be big headed or anything, but I am so blumming proud of myself for stepping out of catering and doing dog grooming.
  2. I feel like this year, personally I have become a bigger person… more adult I guess. Some choices that I have had to make have made me see the future a lot more clearly.
  3. This has been the first year where I have opened up to a new friend about my past and felt totally comfortable about telling them. I’ve met this amazing woman (let’s call her ‘S’), and she has filled that friendship gap that I have had missing from my life for a long time. I really feel like I’ve known her my whole entire life.
  4. K and I became even stronger, he became even more of a rock for me. He gave me so many more reasons to be with him this year ❤️.
  5. I drove to my Nans house all on my own. Now I’ve never done this before, so it was a big thing for me. I usually get very stressed and anxious when it comes to driving far on my own… but I did it!

Most things that I have done this year have been little things, that means a lot to me. It’s nice to feel like I’m coming out of one year and going into another as someone better.

Christmas Day flew by… I was working 6 days up till Christmas, so it just went so quick. I did have a lovely day though! It was full of magic and smiles.

It brought me so much joy to see my parents open their presents from me. The night before my mum and I sorted out all of the present into piles of who they were for. When she saw her pile get bigger than mine and my brothers, she was over whelmed and I think it made her feel so special.

Overall my years been adventurous, challenging at times but also an eye opener. There’s nothing that I regret or wish that I could go back to and change.

I hope 2020 turns out to be another positive year!


L x

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