Weekly blog! 01

This week has flown by…. I don’t know how it ended how it did? Here’s what happened.

It fascinates me so much how quick times goes by, and once the day is done you can never go back and change anything.

My week started pretty productive. Monday was one of my days off work last week, so when I woke up I wrote myself a list of things that I needed to accomplish. You know… the normal room clean down and tidy up, freshen up my rabbit cage and dust and water all of my plant babies that I have growing.

I tried to do a little photo shoot with my rabbit after cleaning his cage out, but he was quite camera shy, and one of our family dogs – Olive, kept trying to get involved 😂.

One of my favourite cleaning tasks is my plants. It makes me feel so good and refreshed. I’m not too sure why it makes me feel that way? 😄. It’s just so nice so see something blossoming and happy. It’s a bit weird saying that a plant is “happy” isn’t it? But I just feel like you can tell when they’re growing happily with no damage…

My car insurance is due in just over a week so I also sorted that out too. I can’t get over how quick that renewal had come around! Literally feels like it was only a couple of months ago that I passed my driving test…

After cleaning my bunny out on Monday, I realised that his bed was getting quite old and worn out. When I was at work during the week I kept an eye out for an idea for a new bunny bed. One of my friends at work actually came up with the idea of buying a extra small dog bed… it has worked so well! My bunny now has his own little “bedroom” section in his cage that he is loving!

Have you ever watched ‘Dracula Untold’? K made me watch it when he stayed over in the middle of the week. At first I wasn’t keen of the idea, but now I’ve watched it I’m so glad that I did! It was really good 😊.

At work myself and one of the other girls in the groom room held a puppy party during the end of our shift the other evening. It was so blumming cute! Some puppies were quite nervous, and the owners we’re quite worried about how they would act with other dogs. But this party really brought the doggies together and taught them how to play with other puppies. It was so fun and exciting.

I reached my 8 weeks since getting my nose pierced on Thursday, so I was able to change it out for a hoop. And I can now finally not wear a plaster every time that I go to sleep! The only down side is that it can be quite saw at times. 😳 I think its just because it’s a change, compared to what my nose was getting used to..?

To finish my week off I had a day full of all emotions – really proud and really god damn sad… I had work yesterday, a normal shift full of dogs to groom. I groomed 2 yorkies and 1 westie, and I didn’t ask for one bit of help, just for my manager to check them all over before their owners were coming to collect… She was so pleased with the grooms. I could feel how proud she was, and that made me feel so amazing that it brought a silly little tear to my eye.

As it was coming to the end of my shift I checked my phone for the time and saw that my dad had called me a couple of times, and left a message saying “driving the car home, and a tree fell and hit me, I’m ok, car isn’t” I’ve honestly not felt my heart sink so quick in such a long time. Even though he said that he was “ok“, I still obviously panicked so much! I headed straight home! When I pulled around the corner and saw his car parked outside the house all smashed up at the front… OMG I’ve never stopped and starred at something for so long. The fireman that came and removed the tree off the car and sorted everything out, said that my dad is one lucky man. I’m so god damn grateful and thankful that he is all good!

So… this week ended on quite a crazy one! I hope you have enjoyed my first weekly blog. I really want to keep this going, and start making more blogs for you to enjoy 😄.

L x

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