Valentines week ❤️ | Weekly blog! 02

A week off work!

Around the end of 2019 I decided to book myself off for a week in February and one in March too. I had quite a bit of holiday to use up, but I also think that I deserved some time off work anyway… to be honest, do we all? It just so happened to be Valentines week that I booked off as well, which was lovely!

K and I didn’t want to do anything crazy for Valentines, just something quite chilled out but still cute as well 😊.

Thursday night K had his weekly pool game, which meant that he would be coming over mine quite late in the evening. I decided to stay awake until he arrived which was about 11pm. He showed up and told me to run upstairs and hide in my bed, so he can set up my Valentines presents… I did exactly that. A few minutes passed, I came out from under the covers and he had chocolates, flowers, cookies, a card and a big teddy at the end of the bed! HOW CUTE!

I then uncovered his present from me, which was a homemade chocolate cake! He loved it! We cut a slice and shared it right before bed. I know that probably isn’t the most healthiest thing at that time of night… but it was pretty much valentines within the hour, so why not tuck right in ❤

Our plans for Valentines were to simply be relaxed and be in each others company. We woke up, got ready and headed to Irchester Park for a afternoon walk with the doggy’s.

I tried so many times to get a photo of both of the dogs – Treacle and Olive, looking at the camera… It was either one or the other looking, not both!

K found the biggest piece of wood that he could, that wasn’t covered in mud… I had to take a photo, of courseee.

After a long walk in the freezing cold, K went to the little cafe to see if there was anything yummy that we could nibble on. While I was waiting for him to come back, I set up the back of the car with a towel and blankets for the muddy pups. Even though Treacle still managed to leave 2 paw prints on one of my seats…

K came back from the cafe with 2 hot chocolates and a sausage roll each as well. It was the BEST hot chocolate ever! I have been craving it again all week!

We headed home to watch a film and then ordered some take away later in the evening. We did try to go out to one of our favourite restaurants, but unfortunately we couldn’t get through on the phone to book a table… We literally called 131 times! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!

We finished of the evening with some chocolate cake and an episode of Love Island.

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