I hate that feeling…| Weekly blog 03

You know that feeling when you are so nervous and anxious about something, that you feel physically and mentally sick?

Sometimes I can pump myself up and snap myself out of that feeling, but other times I just sit in my car trying to get myself out of my car, and into the situation that is making me feel that feeling, and I just freeze up and I have to really force myself to get up and crack on.

Some days are just better than others. I don’t know what it is that’s in me, that makes me feel this way… I sit in bed sometimes and look at my life and realise that it is okay, what’s going on will be okay and things always figure themselves out. But I still, every now and then, can have down days. AND that is OKAY!

This week started off pretty sweet. I spent Monday with one of my friends, her daughter and her niece at Stanwick Lakes.

The weather has been crazy recently but that day, the sky was a gorgeous blue and the clouds didn’t seem as angry as they’ve been the week before. The ground was so muddy it made me realise that I should have defo worn some wellies! This didn’t ruin any fun though 😁.

I went back to work last week, after some time off. On my first day back I had one of my exam assessments for grooming, and I PASSED! Go me! 😊.

Work hasn’t been toooooo busy. We haven’t had a bunch of dogs in, but we also haven’t had no dogs in. So I’ve had quite a bit of spare time to help one of the new girls learn a few things and go through her online training… It’s been so nice feeling so helpful and useful with the knowledge that I have learn’t working there.

I really need to try and sort out my sleeping patteren. I am so tired at night, but I just can’t fall asleep till early hours in the morning… I am such a baby when it comes to sleeping. I need like 8 hours minimum sleep, otherwise I can get quite crankey 😂. To be honest my sleep probably isn’t helping with how I have been feeling the past week.

As I’m writing this weekly blog post, I have a list of chores that I must get on with! See you guys next week!

L x

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