Our Anniversary & having some courage | Weekly blog 05

Hey darlin’s! I hope your week has been a good one, a productive one and a very happy one?!

Mine has been a pretty busy one. It’s been a tad stressful and I’ve had my anxious moments, but it has also been quite successful.

  • I passed my 2nd grooming assessment at work! I am now a full time dog groomer 😊.
  • I got asked to be cover for management at work because my manager is off sick till April… which I’m taking as a compliment! It has been so stressful already and I’ve only been in this higher position just over a week. I’m not sure if management is for me???
  • K and I had our 3 year anniversary 🥰. We had such a big day planned out, but with all of the virus that is going around we decided to spend the day a bit closer to home. We went out for a nice walk, for lunch, shopping and then had an Indian in the evening. Our anniversary ended up being a really nice, special and simple day.
  • I went to The Range for the 1st time ever, and it was amazing! So many artsy bits and creative things for me to buy. I had to really control myself… I could have brought the whole art aisle TBH!
  • My friend and I made some wax melts together, which was so much fun! She is starting her own business 😄. While I was over her house for a take away night, she got a delivery of some new wax so we tested it out. We used a variety of scents, including drumstick and one that smells like my favourite bath bomb from Lush – ‘The Comforter’.
  • It’s crazy what you can become blind to in your own home. I forgot what was right in front of me in the garden… I went outside with my flowers that K brought me for our anniversary to get some photos. but something else caught my eye. I ended up messing around with shutter speed and getting some really cool shots of the water fall in our pond.
  • I sent off my 5th assignment for my journalism course and passed it! It took sooo much courage for me to send it off… I have been quite down in the dumps with my writing But I finally got the courage and sent my assignment off, and I blumming passed!
  • I have been going through all of my SD cards and found some really cute photos of our family pet chicken – Custard.

I told you I had quite a jam packed week… On to the next one!

L x

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