A few weeks go to today… | Weekly blog 06

Heya my loves 😊. I’ve had a week full of birthdays! First it was my mum’s, next K’s brothers and then my nana’s. So many plans to fit into one week!

For my mum’s birthday, one of her gifts from me was a birthday cake! I didn’t just want to bake the typical cake, so I made a cheese cake. I filled the cream cheese part with a mixture of different chocolates.

I was so happy with the final product! The m&m’s leaked all of their colour’s which added a nice effect. I will admit the base was a little too thick… I think that was due to the tin being too small, as I didn’t have one big enough. Buttt it still tasted delightful! At least I now know for next time to add a tad less base… ORRR get a bigger tin so it spreads out more.

My mum was at work on her birthday, so when she arrived home I wanted her to feel like it was finally her day! I blew up all the balloons that I could without passing out… Honestly it made me so light headed, they we’re the hardest balloons to blow up! I put some confetti out, set up the flowers that I brought her and laid out her presents in the lounge. She had the biggest smile across her face when she came home, it was such a success 😊.

For K’s brothers birthday we went to Skegness for the afternoon. We had some lunch in a lovely pub and an adventure at the sealife aqurium.

We saw sharks getting fed, sting rays eating their supper and fishes trying to get themselves a bite too.

When we first entered the aquarium, the lady at reception gave us a word challenge that K and his brother tried to figure out on the way around the aquarium. Non of us could figure it out… Well we thought we figured it out, but we got it wrong 😂. When we made it to the end the lady still gave us some chocolate treasure for giving it ago, so it still worked out on the bright side!

Towards the end of the week it was my nana’s birthday. Unfortunately I didn’t get to go and see her… but my mum traveled to her house and spent the day with her, which was lovely for them both 😊.

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