Since lock down…

Hey my loves,

It’s been a while… Covid-19 took over my motivation and creativeness a little bit. But I’m back now and I’ve got a new positivity that I found 😊.

Let’s have a little catch up.

The past 4 weeks I have been working, even though the groomers shut where I work – due to the Coronavirus, we still had to work on the shop floor… But the other day I was furloughed! YAY! It was such a relief, I could feel myself getting mentally torn down doing the job that I had been doing the past 4 and a half weeks.

Working in retail and experiencing nasty customers was really draining any happiness that I was holding on to in this pandemic. Not seeing my boyfriend and not being able to get a hug off my parents was breaking me inside too… I still can’t see K, but I’m now free at home with my parents and brother. I can catch up on a load of things that were at the back of my mind!

Now I’m off for a couple of weeks I’ve wrote a list of a bunch of things that I would like to accomplish, and I’m going to blog about as many of those to do’s on my list as I can 😊.

We are allowed 1 hour of outside exercise a day. So I went for a walk with my mum and our 2 doggo’s Easter weekend. I got some really gorgeous photos of our little adventure.

Since lock down I have moved my bunny back into my room. For a couple of years now, we’ve had him in the dining room as he made too much noise and kept waking me up… But since then I have taught him to drink from a bowl and not a bottle. So now there’s nothing that he does to wake me up in the night! He didn’t get much freedom downstairs with there being too many hazards around. But now I’ve free roamed him in my room! He does have his cage but it’s never closed, he has his own litter tray that he uses and a house that my dad built for him too!

My mum and I have been planting a bunch of veggies and some little flowers. For my rabbit I’ve planted some dandelion and spinach as they’re his favourite plants to eat. I really love spending time in the garden and planting different seeds, and watch them grow! I can’t wait to have my own garden one day 😀.

I’ve got many things that I’m going to get sorted and tick off my list that I’ve made!

Keep safe everyone ❤.

L x

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