LC Creates – What’s that???

Hey everyone!

I’m going to jump straight into this blog.

‘LC Creates’ is a little thing that I have made to share the items that I make.

The past couple of weeks I have been really inspired to make loads of jewellery, cards and charms. Whenever I shared what I made on my personal social medias, my friends would contact me asking where I got them from or if I was selling them. So I decided to make an Instagram and Facebook page and see what happens.

I love being creative and making handmade items. There is just something about it that makes me feel so good about what I’m doing.

When I was setting up the social media pages for LC Creates, I needed some photos for my first post… So I got my camera out and done a mini product photo shoot, which I absolutely loved doing!

Taking product photos made me had a massive flashback… So here’s a little throw back. When I was 17 I worked as admin in a camera shop, and one of my jobs was to take photos of their products and edit/upload them onto their website. That was always something that I really looked forward to doing in my working day. Taking photos of the items that I’ve been making has really brought back those good feelings that I had.

This was some of the results 😊

If you would like to join me on this journey and keep up to date with what I get up to on the creative side of my life, then here are the links:

I have been trying out a new product that I recently purchased – Resin. I’m starting to become quite addicted to making shapes and letters with it, and adding anything that I can to it.

The results from my first attempt at using resin was pretty good, if I say so myself…

I posted more photos of the results on my Instagram 😊.

I have so many blogs that I can’t wait to write, talking about this new creative part in my life!

Stay safe ❀.

L x

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