What’s in my bag?

Hey cherubs,

I’m going back to work today after about 5 and a half weeks of being furloughed. I don’t really know how I feel about returning, quite anxious if I’m honest… I find it hard to explain.

To help make me feel a little less stressed, last night I decided to get everything ready for this morning. While I was getting my bag ready, I realised how many things I carry around with me every where I go.

I wanted to share everything that I keep in my bag, to see if anyone can relate! So here’s what’s in my bag:

Since I was in Secondary school I have always carried a mini bag inside of my bag, full of supplies for most situations. I’ve never not carried this mini bag with me since the day I decided I needed it! For such a small bag it holds a lot of things;

  • Plasters.
  • Tissues.
  • Tablets for headaches, girl pains, sore throat… you name it.
  • Hair ties and grips.
  • A foldable hair brush.
  • ‘Berocca’ – for the days I need a little oomph of energy.
  • Foldable scissors. I don’t remember how or when I got these scissors, but they’re sooo handy!
  • ‘Rescue Remedy spray’ in case I’m feeling too anxious and Ijust need something to help me get through my day.
  • My hands get so dry from being a dog groomer. After washing about 5 dogs a day (before Covid-19 look over the world), my hands would get so bad… so hand cream is a necessity to have in my bag.

My mini bag goes inside of another pouch/bag that holds another couple of items;

  • I have a really thin pouch which holds a couple p-bomb items, if you get what I mean 😂. its a very slim and discrete bag which is great!
  • A fresh and fruity body spray.
  • I won’t lie, I never used to carry this with me… but the past couple of months and from now on – hand sanitiser.
  • A cotton carrier bag.
  • Some mints.
  • I’m not sure if this is odd, but I have a spare pair of socks in my bag. The amount of times I wear a cute pair of shoes and say “nahhh I don’t need to wear socks, I won’t get any blisters…“. But then 5 minutes into a walk I can feel a blister coming along, and I’m SO glad that I had a pair of socks in my bag!

All of that then goes inside my actual bag, which also holds;

  • A pair of sun glasses. I don’t carry glasses with me all year round, but right now with how sunny the UK has been.. I defo need them every time I go out.
  • My purse, of course.
  • A spare lip balm, in case I forget the one I’m wearing that day. Which I always do… oopsie.
  • A notebook! Whenever something pops up on my mind I can note it down so I don’t forget it. My memory is terrible, so this is so handy for me.

I have 2 different types of handbags that I use. 1 being my work bag, its a more larger bag that carries everything! 2 is a smaller cute black bag, it goes with any outfit, but it only fits my mini bag, purse and glasses in.

I can’t be the only one who carries this many things around with them… What’s in your every day bag?

Stay safe ❤.

L x

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