My hair regime

Hiya readers!

I wanted to write about my hair regime, because I simply just love hair care. If I’m honest I’m a bit obsessed with making sure my hair is as healthy as it can be. If I see even one split end, its getting chopped right off… 😂

I probably use one too many products on my hair, but the result and how it feels when I use them is AMAZING!

I thought that I’d put the products in the order that I use them, as that gives me the best results. I don’t use all of these products listed below every time I wash my hair, just when I go all out and have a hair pamper evening 2 times a week.

  • I change between different shampoo and conditioner brands quite a bit, but the one that I’m currently using and am loving is – Elvive Nourishing shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo really makes my head feel really clean and fresh, and when I put the conditioner on it feels so silky smooth!
  • Once or twice a week, after I’ve washed the shampoo out I will either use my all time favourite hair growth mask – Lee Stafford Hair Growth Mask, or Aussie 3minute Miracle Mask. Both do wonders to my hair and do exactly what the packaging says.

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