My hair regime


  • If I went down the hair growth treatment route in the shower, once I’m out and my hair has been towel dried I use another product to help encourage my hair to grow a little bit more – Umberto Giannini Grow Tonic. I’ve nearly finished using this product, and I feel that it has helped my hair grow more than it naturally would have, in the time that I’ve been using it.
  • I then use a split end sealer – Bed Head Ego Boost. Ever since I started using this, I haven’t felt the need to get a little trim as I’ve hardly seen any split ends. I defo recommend everyone to use this on the daily!
  • After putting the Ego Boost through my ends, I then apply a hair oil on top – Elvive Extraordinary Oil for coloured hair. The one in the photos is all in Spanish… I think??? Throughout lockdown I ran out so I had to order it online and that’s the one that arrived… This oil never makes me hair feel oiley or greasy, it locks everything in and makes my hair feel lush.
  • and finally… scrunch! I always scrunch my hair after putting on all of these products. I don’t actually know if that’s something that is actually a “rule” of hair care, but I’ve always done it so I thought I’d include it 😊.

If I ever want to put heat on my hair to style it, I always use my go to heat protection product – Loreal Stylista, The Sleek Serum. When you first rub it through your hair it does have a bit of a sticky feeling, but once you brush it out and use your choice of heat appliance it feels so sleek, exactly like the bottle says.

Am I the only one who uses this many hair care products?

Stay safe ❤

L x

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