I’m moving out!

Hey luvs,

Quite a few blogs ago I said that there was something coming up pretty soon, and that I couldn’t wait to share it with you…

Now the time has finally come to tell you the news… I’M MOVING OUT!

I was meant to be moving out in March, but Covid 19 happened and the UK got put into lock down, which put everything on hold.

Recently there has been some movement with the house buying process, as the UK has started to make some changes to the lock down rules.

I’m sooo excited to be with K again after all this time apart! We’ve met up at parks and gone for loads of walks. But we haven’t had a sleepover or had a proper “normal” date in a long time!

We both can’t wait to decorate and transform all of the rooms! While I was on furlough I made a scrapbook with all of the ideas that we have for each room.

There will be so many things that we will DIY and learn about.

I’m planning to take before and after photos of each room, and post a blog about what we’ve done and the process… There is so much to look forward to, and it’s all just so exciting!!! I feel like I’ve said the word exciting, one too many times… I guess that says it all 😄.

In other news, K and I went on a lovely walk the other weekend and I got some cute shots!

Lately I’ve been trying to wear clothes that are usually shoved to the back of my wardrobe, and really go out of my comfort zone to feel more confident!

I gave K my camera and asked him to take a photo of me at a distance, and my goal was to simply like it and not judge myself… He gave me the camera back, told me that I looked beautiful and to keep it for my next blog. I also took a photo of him as well 😊.

We have a very sweet afternoon and spoke about all of our future plans, to keep us positive with everything that’s going on in the world.

Stay safe ❤

L x

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