Housey things & my small business

Hiya Loves.

I hope you’re doing great and staying positive!

I don’t understand how time just flys by… Every day really does just go by in the blink of an eye. One minute I’m making dinner and the next it’s the following day, and all of a sudden I’m back at work after a whole weekend. Life really does baffle me.

So much more has been completed in my house since my last blog post. I jot down sooo many plans for phogging, and then a bunch of adult life things jump to the top of the list. But I can now finally say, that the house is pretty much our home and we are very much settled.

We have the most fresh and “wake me up” hallway now! We had a painter and decorator come in, as it was such a big job compared to all of the other rooms. And to be honest my parents helped out so god damn much with every other room, and we done the rest of the house ourselves… that we decided it would be a great finish to have a specialist come in and paint the final room.

It’s just all of the little things left to do; paintings on the wall, photo frames, little cute wooden quotes and handmade coasters… We’re getting there, but it’s now come to a point where we can actually have a some what sit on the sofa kind of day, and not a filling in and sanding down day. Hooray!

My life is full of list’s to complete, but I’m really trying to settle my mind down and focus on important things… I just have so many things I would like to do, so I find it really hard to sit still 😂.

I have my own dog grooming business that I do on the side of my kitchen job. Within my dog grooming business I also make a load of handmade goodies – dog bandanas and bow ties, earrings and key rings, gift boxes… I have such a huge passion for creating and making things. I don’t really know what it is that I love so much, it just gives me such a good feeling inside and it’s just so healthy for me. If that makes any sense?

The only thing I’m struggling on is finding a website to sell all of my items. I’m not any good and making my own website and I don’t want to sell it on a website that takes most of the money that I make away from me.. So I still haven’t got an official place where I sell my items. I do have an Instagram and Facebook though! And I love making all of the posts on them 😊.

In between working and grooming, K and I love taking Brian our Bernese Mountain pup on fun adventures! He’s growing up so fast, every day I notice something new about him. He so amazing ❤

I have so many photos from many adventures to share with you in my future posts. Keep an eye out!

Stay Safe ❤

L x

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