2020 is done. Period.

Hey darlins,

I don’t know about you, but I wish when 2020 ends the next year would be a fresh start and Covid19 would just get lost!

So many different things that I had planned this year were ruined. And I’m sure that soooo many of you have been through the same.

Anxiety and depression has been such a roller coaster, and there doesn’t seem to be a stop on this ride yet. I needed to do something to help get myself out of the feeling that I’m stuck in…

I sat down with a hot coco the other night and wrote a list of what I accomplished this year, and you know what… Ive actually done quite a lot. Every day I’ve been getting so bogged down with all of the bad that this year has bought. But to actually sit down and look back on my 2020, I realised that there is so much that I should hold onto and smile about.

If you’re reading this, please make yourself a cuppa of what ever you enjoy to drink that settles you down. Get a note pad and pen, and just think about all the different things you have been through this year. Try to pin point all of the positives and make a list of them! This can really turn your thoughts around, if you’re finding yourself in a dark place.

My 2020

  • I got a diploma in Journalism and finally completed my 3 year course! I really thought that I wouldn’t make it in the course, I’d get myself in such a state of negativity and self-hate with failure. But I blumming did it! Go me!!!
  • I bought my first home with K, and we created so many memories decorating and furnishing our home together.
  • We started our little family, and bought our Bernese Mountain dog – Brian. He’s growing up so fast!
  • My mum found her real Dad! After years and years, she finally found him! She still hasn’t been able to actually see him face to face, due to covid… but they’ve had many phone calls! I’ve actually spoken to him too! He sounds like such a hugger, I can’t wait till we can safely meet him and share our lives with each other.
  • I started my own dog grooming business. It took so much for me to feel strong enough to do this… But I finally done it and it’s one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made.

These are a few of my favourite pooches that I’ve groomed this year!

  • My mum battled through coronavirus. It felt like forever, but she’s finally better and nearly 100% recovered.

If 2020 wasn’t taken over by the coronavirus my list could have been a lot bigger, but you know what… the world is just what it is right now, and what I did get out of this year, I’m so grateful for and so happy with ❤.

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