2020 is done. Period.

Nearly 3 weeks ago, Brian got an infection in one of his shoulder joints, so we haven’t been able to take him on many walks… However before this happened, we took him on a massive walk and he experienced a stream for the first time, and he LOVED IT!

Even Treacle got in the water! And that’s so strange for her… It was only a quick dip so every photo I got of her, was her launching herself out of the water 😂. Olive however, preferred staying on the ground.

We reached a field at the end of the stream and the dogs went mental! Brian was just one big puppy, wanting the girls to play with him.

It was such an adventurous and spontaneous walk! I think we all slept well that night!

Bring on 2021 and let’s make it great! I have so many plans for my small business and my blog, and I cannot wait to share them with you next year😊.

Happy New Years luvs!

L x

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