Join me on this journey

Hey beauties,

I can’t think of the time where I lost my self-worth, or if I even had any. But I just know that it’s time to find it and bring it to life.

I can admit this now, but I’ve never truly loved myself, accepted who I am or been as confident as I should be. It took a lot out of me to actually realise, how negative I’ve been to myself throughout secondary school, college and since I’ve had a job.

There’s others who defo know exactly how I’m feeling, or who are on the journey to figuring out their self-worth. I’ve found so many girls on TikTok that are on this journey of loving themselves, and I really want to start mine!

Growing up and login onto different social media platforms, I’ve learn’t how much Instagram has ruined my mental image of myself. There’s always suggestions for accounts that I should follow… they would be fitness girls, weightloss inspo, gym experts and many more accounts that would put me down.

The first step to this bubble of positivity was to delete any account that made me judge who I am. This really helped me enjoy scrolling through apps again, instead of coming off my phone and feeling low and judgmental.

Don’t get me wrong I did go through a stage of craving the gym, craving to loose a bunch of weight and craving to be skinny. But I’ve now learnt it’s not the weight that I want to loose, it’s the negativity that’s in me. The not accepting that I am who I am, and that I should love every part of my body.

Every individual is unique and has different parts of their bodies that they love and hate. And I accept that about me. I want to learn all about who I’ve become, embrace and love who I am.

Follow me on this journey to self-worth and love ❀.

I’m not all about new years resolutions as I never go through with them. So this year I ended up making a brain storm of affirmations I love, and motivation for things I can do to nourish my self-worth.

I’m going to diaries my journey and hopefully I can help someone else grow and find their self-love too 😊.

Thing’s that I’m going to do to help love myself:

  • Use positive affirmations correctly and when I first wake up.
  • Identify my abilities and develop them.
  • Learn to accept compliments <– this is a BIG one for me!
  • Eliminate self-criticism and introduce self-compassion.
  • Assert your real worth.

I’ve also found a couple affimations that feel right for me!

  • I have it in me to solve any challenges that come today.
  • I am patient and calm and looking forward to today.
  • I am enough.
  • Life does not have to be perfect to be great.
  • I am beautiful.
  • I release the need to judge myself today.
  • I deeply and completely love and accept myself.
  • I have beautiful qualities to offer this world.

If you’re in lock down and on furlough again, or still pushing on and working through this hard time… it’s so important to make time for caring for yourself. Even if it’s simply lighting a tealight while you have a bubble bath, or making that little bit of effort to boil the kettle before bedtime and enjoy a calming tea… Do it, and I promise you that one small thing will make you feel that little bit better.

The other morning I was really struggling to get out of bed. So I sat up, looked in my mirror and chose the affirmation that stood out to me the most – I AM ENOUGH! I proceeded to get dressed, put a little make up on and have some green tea. I then thought of writing the affirmation down? I really enjoy doodling and making fun patterns… So I picked one of my favourite photos from a positive memory, and started writing the words down, saying them out loud as I wrote. This made me feel so strong and like the words we’re set in stone.

Everyone has their own way of doing things, whatever works for you and makes you feel great, strong and powerful. You do YOU!

I can’t wait to share this journey with you 😊.

Always remember – You’ve got this!

L x

One thought on “Join me on this journey

  1. You are amazing xx say it loud and proud princess we love youπŸ’•such a meaningful blog x simply the best πŸ’‹


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