Hello world 🌍 my names Libby. I enjoy photography and blogging – phogging? Phogger? PHOGGS!

I love the adventure in photography and the blabbering in blogging, so I thought why not create Phogger, Phoggs and phogging – something I think I may have created myself, as I have never heard of it before… great idea don’t you think?! Im a photography blogger!

​Let’s start from the beginning. 3 years ago I started my own blog – L Blogz, even though I was 14 at the time my blogs were actually not too bad.. I mean I didn’t have the best grammar or punctuation care as I do now, but to be fair they were alright! I tried my hardest to keep up with my blog but over the three years, different situations occurred in my life so I ended up posting weekly or monthly… depending on how much of an update or great of an event I felt had occurred in between GCSE’s, college, getting multiple jobs, home life… Around June 2017 it had got to a point where I hadn’t wrote a blog in quite a few months as I had too much going on at the time, so I went online to log in and start writing a catch up blog to explain why I hadn’t posted in so long, but for some odd reason my account was completely gone, literally disappeared. The email was not on the website’s list and my password didn’t work… I emailed the “website people” but unfortunately they couldn’t help much. So I ended up going forward with an idea that I have had in my “things to do and ideas” notebook for a while – PHOGGS!

​And now I’m here taking photos of all sorts, gibber gabbing about anything and everything and creating my Phogger website blog of my own 🙂